This piece is the result of an idea I had to create a painterly style type treatment, but with a 3 dimensional twist. I felt the need to expand on my current techniques and lettering styles for my own personal interest in type and lettering design, but also for possible future commissions.
I was really excited about marrying real paint with a digital workflow, and using the power of Adobe's tools to create something almost impossible with analog equipment. This was such a challenging and fun personal project to work on, something I definitely want to expand upon and develop further.
Took me about 3 months to create from start to finish.
The quote comes from the William Shakespeare play, Hamlet.
Brevity is the soul of wit "
This simply means that articulate and intelligent communication (speech and writing) should use few and wisely chosen words.
This is something I feel is important for designers/illustrators to remember and implement as an idea/philosophy in their work. To quote another well known artist Leonardo Da Vinci - " simplicity is the ultimate sophistication " 
I created a couple sheets of oil paint brush strokes that I would use to create each letterform. Utalising Adobe Photoshop's puppet warp tool I bent each stroke into the neccesary shape for each letterform. i scanned the strokes in at 600dpi, super high resolution.
I did the same for the 3d layer beneath that, slightly adjusting the shading and saturation levels to achieve a realistic shadowed extrusion layer.
Layer composition
More Process shots
Puppet Warp tool in action
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