Companies / people involved:
approached me to help with their upcoming outdoor campaign for their brand - DSTV compact, a subsidiary of Multichoice SA,(the biggest digital media company in South Africa) 

I was asked to create a series of typographic treatments for 27 nicknames of the most popular townships (a suburb or city of predominantly black occupation) and cities in South Africa.

The big challenge here was to create a huge variety of type styles, with an african flavour, that were distinct from each other, but also could be seen as a family, loosely connected. 

Each township area often goes by a more popular and colloquial nickname given by the residents of that location rather than it’s official name.

I enlisted the help of my friend and super talented illustrator, Keith Vlahakis, to help with this project. 

I took on more of an art direction/project management role, liaising with the art directors at Ogilvy and Mather, and working closely with Keith, to direct the type styling and overall project feel.

The end result was very well received, and eventually the designs were used on billboards, painted as murals on walls and also printed on tshirts.

The keywords for this project:  fun, happy, festive, africanplayful.
In addition to the above project, we were also asked to create Christmas wrapping paper for use in stores nationwide, to help promote some of the most popular television shows for the DSTV Compact target market.

This involved using the logo for the specific TV show, the channel it was appearing on, and iconography, which we created specifically for each program.
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