Hype For Type
Self initiated lettering piece.

It's always great to explore some more exotic styles of type that you don't often get client requests for, so it decided to have a bit of fun with this one, and really push the boundaries of thicks and thins.

I was really happy with the outcome, and in the end produced 3 different versions of the piece, each with varying levels of embellishment, as you can see below.

I was even happier when Francis Chouquet asked to include this piece in his wonderful book on lettering
 called  "Les Ateliers du Lettering". 

Final version 1 - no embellishment
Final version 2 - semi embellished
Final version 3 - full embellishment
As featured in Francis Chouquet 's book on lettering -  "Les Ateliers du Lettering". 
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