Thoughtful strategy combined with considered
& deliberate design delivers impactful work. 
Everything I do is built on strategic thinking and 
detailed craftsmanship.
I partner with commercial clients and creative agencies to craft meaningful solutions for new and existing brands. Strategically driven creativity that brings clarity and growth.
Hi! I'm Luke, a design specialist from South Africa, focusing on Branding, Packaging, Lettering, Type design, and Illustration. I believe good design relies on two things; a high level of strategy and planning, and excellent execution and craftsmanship.
That's me hiking into the mountains on a very misty day. being out in nature has always been a sacred experience for me, a time to get away from the pressures of modern life and hit the rest button. I always come back refreshed and energized for new challenges.
I've been working for myself for the last 15 years and I’m always pushing myself to make work that excites and inspires me. 
When I'm not at my desk I'm out hiking or mountain biking, enjoying the natural beauty of South Africa. I also love collecting and growing indoor tropical variegated plants and have a weird obsession with SAAB cars, I think it's the quirky Swedish design style that fascinates me. 
Services / Type Design / Lettering / Branding / Illustration / Packaging / Art Direction / Brand Strategy / Font Design & Development
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